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Artist: Unknown5 Seconds Of Summer
Title: UnknownEnglish Love Affair
Album: Unknown5 Seconds Of Summer



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5SOS Undercover +

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niall is such the opposite of “no homo white boy” he literally will tell any boy he loves him and he’ll grab a dick if he wants he doesn’t care

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"We’re playing rugby in the hotel, haha."

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Copenhagen, Denmark - 16/06

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Calum Hood at Palais Theatre, Melbourne, 03.05

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michael + white hair

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Hiya! New to the 5SOS Family? Well here’s a little guide // masterpost about these four weird but very lovable Aussies. x

p.s. let me know if i missed out anything or if something is wrong with the link(s) and i will try yo fix it :) 

inspiration: x

5 Seconds of Summer are an Australian pop rock band. Formed in Sydney in 2011, the band consists of Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin.

About 5SOS


Personal Websites


- Luke’s Covers

  - Calum’s Covers

  - Ashton’s Covers

  - Michael’s Covers

  - More/Other Covers

- Band Covers

Video Diaries

Original Songs (couldn’t find some songs on youtube)

Behind the Scenes

Track By Track (She Looks So Perfect EP)

Vevo Lift Videos

A Few Interviews (personally my favs, most of them are new, sorry)

Twitcams (credit x, x, x, x)

TV Performances 

Photo Galleries

Okay, again, if I did forget anything please let me know. I will update this when things pop-up. This took FOREVER! PLEASE DO NOT MESS WITH ANYTHING. Once more, if a link(s) do not work, I will do my best to fix them.

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5 Seconds of Summer at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards - Red Carpet

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(^ν^)hands (^ν^)

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